Manchester United are a great club - at least in my opinion. What often happens to great clubs is that others often attempt to undermine them. Opponents and media alike hound at you and look for any fault they can. Earlier this season, David De Gea had a huge target plastered on his face.

Life in England, especially if you're a scrawny Spanish goalkeeper in the Premier League, is not easy. We all saw what Señor De Gea has done in the past to merit being dropped for a few games. He's been a little dodgy with his handling as well as lacking an imposing presence in the box. The biggest problem thus far has been his handling of balls in the air, particularly from corners, crosses, and indirect free kicks. It's been painful to watch as team after team used their physical prowess against our skinny keeper. There were moments when United fans the world over would hold their breath when a ball was floated into the box, or when a backpass was made to our Spanish custodian.

Thus began the debate: Is De Gea the right man for us? Do we need Lindegaard to take over? Why have we put our faith in someone so young? Well, truth be told, De Gea has slowly begun to reassert his status as number 1 keeper on this side of Manchester. He's been consistent in his last few games and has shown that he is a great shot stopper.

So what are your thoughts now? I certainly know where I stand. I think he's the right man for the job and will be here for plenty more years to come. The deficiencies we see in his game at the moment cannot offset the brilliance we know he is capable of. He's an amazing shot stopper, just look at the picture above. His distribution is top notch. Most importantly, he has improved since the start of the season. This is important because we can clearly see evidence that he's getting better. And imagine, if you can see some marked improvement in a matter of months, what do you think a few years will do?

Premier League strikers better be scared.